Blackwater Night Diving

Joshua Lambus is best known for his macro work featuring rarely seen animals from the deep. He photographs these animals on a dive referred to as Blackwater. Traveling miles offshore late at night, he positions himself above water many thousands of feet deep. There he waits for the denizens of the deep to come drifting by. Many of these animals are light sensitive and live far beyond the reach of light during the day. At night however, they migrate to the surface to feed and absorb oxygen. Joshua has logged more than 500 blackwater dives, cataloging his finds with researchers from all over the world. Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Scripps Institute have called on his expertise in this field to help find usually impossible to find animals. His images have won multiple international awards. They have also garnered the attention of, and been published by the likes of National Geographic, BBC, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and many other publications and museums from around the world. Ask about how you can witness these amazing creatures for yourself on a night dive with Joshua.

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