“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” - Robert Capa

Joshua Lambus is an award winning photographer and cinematographer known for his immersive take on underwater and adventure photography. His passion for photography began over 20 years ago with 35mm and medium format film, giving his work a uniquely classic feel in this digital age. Based on The Big Island of Hawaii, it’s oceans, caves and canyons have led him to seek a deeper connection with life's great unknowns. His images have been published in many periodicals, films, and magazines, including National Geographic, Diver Magazine, Unterwasser and Scuba Diving Magazine, among others.

His photography has won numerous awards, including 1st place in Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Award's Oceans category. His works are displayed in museums around the world Including the Washington DC Smithsonian Natural History Museum, The Australian Museum, and the Natural history Museum of Venice.

He has also worked as a producer and camera operator for many TV shows and films, including projects for National Geographic Television, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and NBC.

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